Be the reason why.

When COVID-19 struck our nation, those suffering from eating disorders began to experience added dangers and unprecedented obstacles in their road to recovery. As a result, NEDA is experiencing an increased demand for our free helpline and support services. We are here to help - but we need your help, too!

Join NEDA supporters from across the country in raising money for The Warrior Experience. The funds raised by NEDA Warriors will provide support to individuals and families reaching out at a critical time.

Be the reason why we are able to pick up the helpline each time it rings. Be the reason why we can say, "we're here for you," and "it gets better."


Spread Hope

Spread the message that hope is real and recovery is possible. The fight against eating disorders can't be canceled, and those struggling need our help now more than ever.

Raise Funds

By raising funds for The Warrior Experience, you are directly supporting vital programs and services like the NEDA Helpline.

Stay Connected

Join a community of strong, resilient, and fiercely passionate NEDA Warriors. Even in tough times, our community is tougher.

Warrior Stories

What makes me a Warrior is showing myself compassion during tough times, and fighting through self-doubt.Ryan Sheldon, NEDA Ambassador

Being a NEDA Warrior means a lot to me. It means that I am strong and I will never give up on myself - no matter how many ups and downs I go through.Priya James, Walk Coordinator

To me, being a Warrior means using your experiences and the strength you've fought with to empower yourself and to help or inspire others.Iskra Lawrence, NEDA Ambassador

I want others to see how important it is to find their own unique way through recovery, and that it’s possible for everyone. We are all Warriors.Dena Angela, Community Influencer

Become a NEDA Warrior today