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West NEDA Walk

Event Details: Log on to the event 5 minutes before showtime with this link nedawalk.org/WestNEDAWalk2021

Event Location: Online!
Event Date: Saturday, April 10, 2021
Event Times: 11am - 12pm Pacific Time
Fundraising Goal: $75,000
Contact: walks@nationaleatingdisorders.org

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Sharon Maxwell, Emcee

Sharon is a mental health advocate and fat activist.  After growing up in an environment that viewed and portrayed mental health issues to be sinful and shameful, Sharon is passionate about breaking down the stigma around mental health.  While actively fighting for recovery from her eating disorder, she speaks out on her blog and on Instagram about hope in recovery, challenging systemic fat phobia, ditching diet culture once and for all, and walking towards body neutrality and body trust.  She also creates digital art to portray powerful messages about these topics.  Sharon speaks to youth and educators with the National Alliance on Mental Health about eating disorders and other mental illnesses.  In her activism and advocacy, she hopes to shine light in the darkest of places, help people walk out of shame, and step into the hope of recovery.  You can find more of her work at www.heysharonmaxwell.com or follow her Instagram account @heysharonmaxwell.




Maris Degener

After recovering from anorexia as a teenager, Maris became passionate about harnessing her lived experience to support others suffering from eating disorders. Maris shared her story in the documentary "I Am Maris" to spread the message that full recovery is possible and to destigmatize talking openly about mental health challenges. Maris is Equip's Lead Peer Mentor.


Crystal Griffin

Crystal Griffin has been a NEDA Walk team captain since 2014. Supporter and advocate for her sister Jessica and her fight with an eating disorder for close to 30 years. She is the founder of Sisters Saving Sisters; a nonprofit that focuses on empowering women, raising awareness for mental health struggles and body positivity.


Misha Osherovich

Misha is a non-binary actor, filmmaker, and mental health/LGBTQIA+ advocate. (Pronouns they/them.) Misha's acting credits include the new Blumhouse film FREAKY, AMC's series NOS4A2, and Warner Bros' film THE GOLDFINCH. Misha wrote, produced, and starred in the award winning short film E.very D.ay. The film tackles mental health and body image within the queer community. Misha's advocacy work includes partnerships with NEDA, VideoOut Entertainment, and Project HEAL.


Kish Bolden

Kish Bolden works in the executive branch of the Federal Government in the regulatory capacity.  Although she struggled with anorexia for 17 years, Kish is currently enjoying recovery, a process that propelled her to rebuild her belief system, develop healthy emotional responses, establish sound relationships, and develop self-love.  Kish understands many of the challenges associated with eating disorders and desires to help others find their way out.         


Musical Performance by Backtrack Vocals

Founded in 2013, Backtrack is quickly defining itself as a powerhouse a cappella group throughout its hometown, New York City, and beyond. This five member group performs a variety of music, with an emphasis on covers of today's top pop music. Backtrack was originally formed to produce YouTube videos, and since its founding, the group has gained over 10 million views and 110,000 subscribers. Expanding from it's YouTube origins, Backtrack now performs live at music halls, universities, festivals, high schools and private functions. They create impressive covers of past and present pop music, write inspiring original compositions and dare to take on unexpected genres such as classical and electronic music.


Thank you to our sponsors

This sponsor section is to acknowledge the financial support of our sponsors. Neither this section nor any other listings or signage seen at the walk is intended in any way as an endorsement of the companies listed, their products or services.

Goal: $75,000
Amount Raised: $86,815

Participant Center 


  1. Team Veronica - $25,515
  2. Team Shannon - $12,775
  4. Team Gaspari - $2,570
  5. Team Rady Medical Behavioral Unit - $2,005
  6. Support Sisters - $1,740
  7. Sisters Saving Sisters - $1,735
  8. Aimee's Adventurers - $1,300
  9. RIP Ed, Recovery Is Possible - $1,225
  10. Ocean - $1,000


  1. Anne Thorson - $21,145
  2. Glenn Shannon - $5,975
  3. Kelsea Gaspari - $2,570
  4. rebecca jacobs - $1,868
  5. Katherine Karpinsky - $1,593
  6. Crystal Griffin - $1,510
  7. Morgan Wells - $1,495
  8. Michele Connor - $1,225
  9. Holly Martin - $1,110
  10. Tiff Morgan - $1,000