Tools for NEDA Walkers

The express purpose of NEDA Walks is to raise money to support the mission and programs of the National Eating Disorders Association. There are many different fundraising strategies you may use to have a successful fundraising campaign, and NEDA suggests you use all of them! Make sure you are asking every person in your family, all of your friends, all of your co-workers, and all of the businesses that you know for donations! They are more than happy to give - after all, it’s a great cause and the gifts are tax-deductible!

Fundraising Rewards

Start fundraising today to earn exciting and exclusive NEDA gear! Download the program flyer to see all of the great items we have to offer and for program details. Plus, once you sign up for the NEDA Walk, we'll send you helpful emails with fundraising tips along the way.

Offline Donation Form

Participant Packet

The NEDA Walk Participant Packet will be your guide to everything you need to know about participating in a NEDA Walk – from fundraising tips and ideas to fun activities happening on the day of the NEDA Walk! Download the NEDA Walk Participant Packet and get started today.

Team Captain Toolkit

Forming a team? Check out our Team Captain Toolkit for tips on recruiting team members and fundraising your way to “Top Team” status!

Social Media Toolkit

Social media is a simple and fun way to ask your friends and family to support your NEDA Walk fundraising goal. Check out our Social Media Toolkit for shareable graphics and sample messages to help to inspire friends and family to donate and encourage others to walk with you.