NEDA Walks are central events that unite local communities. We are thrilled to begin the 2024 season of NEDA walks! Get ready for an empowering journey as we unite as a community against eating disorders to promote awareness, healing and support. Stay tuned for our upcoming walks in cities listed below. Walks will be continuously updated as we confirm locations, so keep an eye out for more details.
We rely on the invaluable support of volunteers to coordinate successful NEDA Walks, and we are currently seeking walk ambassadors for the following cities to help us make a meaningful impact:

Please contact [email protected] for more information..

Event Details

Walk Venue: Centennial Park and Pavilion
Walk Location: 100 S. Western Avenue
Walk DateSunday, April 30, 2023
Check-In: 8:30AM
Walk: 9:00AM

For more information, please email [email protected]

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Walk Day FAQ

Thank you to our sponsors

This sponsor section is to acknowledge the financial support of our sponsors. Neither this section nor any other listings or signage seen at the walk is intended in any way as an endorsement of the companies listed, their products or services.

Goal: $20,000
Amount Raised: $13,273

Participant Center 


  1. Angel Warriors - $9,025
  2. Swifties - $1,398
  3. Team "You Can Always Sit With Us" - $350
  4. Joyful Existence - $175
  5. All in Hope - $100
  6. kaji - $100


  1. Mary Allen - $7,800
  2. Mallory Small - $870
  3. Mary Redfern - $850
  4. Katherine Luna - $435
  5. Alex Carl - $405
  6. Darcy Brudenell - $400
  7. MJ Garnier - $300
  8. Melissa Waterfield-Copeland - $250
  9. Joanne Gianaris - $150
  10. Dan Van De Voorde - $100