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Northeast NEDA Walk

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Event Details

Event Location: Online!
Event Date: Sunday, October 4, 2020
Event Times: 11am - 12:30pm Eastern Time
Fundraising Goal: $125,000

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Eric Dorsa

Eric faithfully serves as a Recovery Ambassador Council member for Eating Recovery Center. Eric is an LGBTQ advocate, actor, comedian, and drag queen currently living in Chicago, Illinois. As an advocate for the LGBTQ community, Eric travels around the country sharing his experiences of Eating Disorder Recovery, coming out as a gay person, and his recovery from substance abuse with college campuses and patients in treatment. Eric has been featured on Texas Public Radio “Worth Repeating”, Mental Note Podcast “Drag Queen Wisdom”, Huffington Post Queer Voices, and has given an award winning 2014 TEDx Talk entitled “ How Dressing in Drag Made Me Uncover My Authentic Self.” Eric hopes that sharing his story will inspire others to know that they are not alone, to seek connection and treatment, and that full recovery is possible.


Kish Bolden

Kish Bolden works in the executive branch of the Federal Government in the regulatory capacity.  Although she struggled with anorexia for 17 years, Kish is currently enjoying recovery, a process that propelled her to rebuild her belief system, develop healthy emotional responses, establish sound relationships, and develop self-love.  Kish understands many of the challenges associated with eating disorders and desires to help others find their way out.


Lexie Manion

Lexie Manion is a writer, artist, student and mental health advocate from New Jersey. She writes about mental health and body acceptance topics, and shares her personal recoveries from mental illness. Lexie has written for Healthline, Cosmopolitan, NAMI and The Mighty. In 2017, she wrote an article that appears on NEDA’s sister blog, Proud2BMe, about a campaign she created called #BoycottTheBefore. The campaign has gained lots of traction since then, with it being covered by People Magazine, Metro and Cosmopolitan, and has accumulated over 1,000 posts of support on Instagram. As someone in recovery from an eating disorder, she has a passion for speaking out on issues like #BoycottTheBefore, which aims to challenge the “before” photos of eating disorder recovery comparisons. Lexie plans on becoming an art therapist, as she has a deep love for creating art that reflects different emotions and experiences. She strongly believes art and writing can be cathartic. You can find more of her work at lexiemanion.com or follow her on Instagram at the handle @lexiemanion.


Shana Minei Spence, MS, RDN, CDN

Shana Minei Spence is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist based in New York. She labels herself as an "eat anything" dietitian. Life is already complicated, why restrict yourself? Shana wanted to create a platform for open discussion on nutrition and wellness topics considering all the information circulating around these days. Was she always interested in nutrition? No. In the not so long ago past she worked in the fashion industry and hated it. (Jokes to herself: she got a B.S in Fashion Merchandising...get it?) Shana decided to make a change, go back to school and became involved in food policy and public health. Update: She loves what she does and want to share as much as possible.


Thank you to our sponsors

This sponsor section is to acknowledge the financial support of our sponsors. Neither this section nor any other listings or signage seen at the walk is intended in any way as an endorsement of the companies listed, their products or services.

Goal: $125,000
Amount Raised: $129,285

Participant Center 


  1. Realcovery (in memory of Elizabeth) - $11,150
  2. Super Strong Support Squad - $6,035
  3. Amherst 4E - $4,200
  4. Team Self Love - $2,880
  5. Becca's Badasses - $2,525
  6. Just Breathe - $2,361
  7. Step by Step - $1,860
  8. clementeens - $1,792
  9. Follow the Yellow Brooke Road! - $1,772
  10. Umass Nutrition Association - $1,290


  1. Martha Watson - $8,925
  2. Maggie Sheridan - $4,300
  3. Shannon Traynor - $3,370
  4. Ethan Feinstein - $2,832
  5. Emma Huggins - $2,780
  6. Lori March - $2,400
  7. Rebecca Glowac - $1,875
  8. Evelyn Watkins - $1,795
  9. Brooke Schwartz - $1,747
  10. Rebecca Hein - $1,450