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Midwest NEDA Walk

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Event Details

Event Location: Online!
Event Date: Saturday, October 10, 2020
Event Times: 11am - 12:30pm Central Time
Fundraising Goal: $100,000

Event registration closes at 5pm CT on 10/9. You must sign up to receive the virtual event login link.

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Nia Patterson

Nia is an eating disorder recovery and mental health advocate. She has spent much of the past 3 years documenting her recovery from bulimia, ocd, ptsd, and bipolar disorder on Instagram and her blog. It is her personal goal to become a therapist and work with people with eating disorders and co-occurring disorders. She posts on Instagram @thefriendIneverwanted and blogs at thefriendineverwanted.com She has also started a brand new podcast called Body Trauma which you can find online at bodytraumapod.com You can also find Nia’s body positive and self care artwork on her website www.SelfLoveToolChest.com


Gina Susanna, NEDA Ambassador

Gina is a writer, blogger, and Instagrammer whose work integrates mental health and eating disorders on the axes of body politics and self acceptance. Currently she runs the Instagram account @nourishandeat, providing inspirational and thought-challenging content, along with sharing her own personal journey. She believes in the power of authenticity and acceptance, working to make sure her followers know that perfection — in life and in recovery — doesn’t exist, and that our bodies in every form are worthy of love and respect. Gina is a frequent speaker at various workshops, panels, retreats, and NEDA walks. She is also currently enrolled in graduate study to receive her Masters in Clinical Mental Health. You can find Gina on Instagram, Twitter, or somewhere under a blanket. With snacks.


Adam Pope

Adam Pope is a mental health advocate and eating disorder survivor in long-term recovery. As a NEDA Speaker, he's hopeful sharing his recovery journey will inspire others to seek help; his speaking has a strong focus on social justice, advocacy, and body inclusivity. Adam lives in Minneapolis with his partner and their new daughter. He is co-host of the recovery podcast Eating Disorders Off Topic.


Thank you to our sponsors

This sponsor section is to acknowledge the financial support of our sponsors. Neither this section nor any other listings or signage seen at the walk is intended in any way as an endorsement of the companies listed, their products or services.

Goal: $100,000
Amount Raised: $98,284

Participant Center 


  1. Brave Strong Worthy - $14,284
  2. Recover HOPE - $2,750
  3. Team Kara - $1,885
  4. Recovery is Real. - $1,800
  5. WUSTL Reflections - $1,377
  6. Team Allison - $1,150
  7. Luna Cordelia - $1,125
  8. Caroline's Team - $1,116
  9. EDSN 2020 - $1,100
  10. CUSOTA - $886


  1. Maddie Muncy - $14,284
  2. Jessica Trites Rolle - $3,245
  3. Kara Young - $1,885
  4. Maddie Fenili - $1,625
  5. Emma Moore - $1,555
  6. Samantha Mills - $1,520
  7. Claire Kozma - $1,400
  8. Ruth Petlicke - $1,240
  9. Shawn Oberholtzer - $1,200
  10. Layna Paraboschi - $1,197