Event Details

Walk Venue: Sunken Meadow State Park Field 1 Boardwalk
Walk Date: Sunday, April 23, 2023
Check-In: 9AM
Walk: 10AM

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Walk Day FAQ



Dr. Sona Dave

Dr. Sona Dave is a board-certified Pediatrician and Adolescent Medicine specialist practicing in the Division of Adolescent Medicine @cohen_childrens in New Hyde Park, NY.

Dr. Dave currently serves as the President of the New York Chapter of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine, serves on the Eating Disorders Committee for the National Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine, and serves as the Chief Medical Officer for the United States Merchant Marine Academy.

Her clinical focus is on the diagnosis and management of eating disorders and relative energy deficiency in sport (REDS). She is passionate about providing the highest quality of evidence-based care to her patients, and her expertise in adolescent medicine allows her to focus on the unique needs of teenagers and young adults.


Thank you to our sponsors

This sponsor section is to acknowledge the financial support of our sponsors. Neither this section nor any other listings or signage seen at the walk is intended in any way as an endorsement of the companies listed, their products or services.

Goal: $37,909
Amount Raised: $23,903

Participant Center 


  1. Adelphi MHC - $2,343
  2. Beautiful Transformation - $1,255
  3. Cal's Courage Crew - $1,175
  4. Mather PHP - $705
  5. Butterfly With Me - $625
  6. Warriors for Meg - $520
  7. Delta Phi Epsilon Alpha Rho - $435
  8. Changing the Script - $425
  9. Dphie - $150
  10. Angelina - $150


  1. Julianna Ricca - $1,813
  2. Carly Macchia - $1,550
  3. Gabby McDonald - $1,095
  4. Candice Moore - $1,015
  5. Alexa Rae Ardito - $555
  6. Sara Rahr - $550
  7. Lauren Fellows - $480
  8. Tara Sirotkin - $420
  9. Maryfrances Puccio - $410
  10. Abbie Payne - $405