Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Walk Questions

What is a NEDA Walk?
A NEDA Walk is a non-competitive event that seeks to raise money and awareness for the mission of NEDA and for NEDA Network members who choose to coordinate a NEDA Walk with NEDA.
What is the purpose of a NEDA Walk?
The express purpose of NEDA Walks is to support the mission of NEDA, through participant registrations and fundraising, and to raise awareness of the dangers surrounding eating disorders and the need for early intervention and treatment.
Where does the money go?
The money raised from a NEDA Walk goes to NEDA and NEDA Network members to help fund lifesaving programs. Visit the Programs and Services and Financials pages to learn more.
How can I find a NEDA Walk to participate in?
Please click here to see a list of NEDA Walks currently taking place.
How can I bring a NEDA Walk to my local community?
For general information and requirements on becoming a NEDA Walk coordinator, check out the Volunteer page on this website. After reviewing the preliminary information on that page, email and express your interest in starting a NEDA Walk. NEDA will send you the NEDA Walk Preliminary Interest Packet, which will give you a brief overview of how to run a NEDA Walk and what NEDA expects. Once you have decided that you are serious about organizing a NEDA Walk, send the required forms in the NEDA Walk Preliminary Interest Packet to the National Walk Manager. From there, you will be sent a NEDA Walk Manual that provides instructions, suggestions and resources to help you at every stage of the NEDA Walk planning and day-of NEDA Walk activities. The NEDA National Walk Manager who oversees all NEDA Walks will be there to help you with anything and everything! Get a few friends together to help out and have fun!
How long is the average NEDA Walk?
The average NEDA Walk is one mile in length. However please note that these are non-competitive events and that you are not required to walk the whole distance (or at all).

Registration Questions

How do I register for a NEDA Walk?
To register for a NEDA Walk, please click here. Select the city you would like to walk in, and then click the Participate tab. Once under the Participate tab you will have the options to register as an individual, create a new team, or register as a member of a pre-existing team.
Is there a registration fee for participating in a NEDA Walk?
Yes, there is a registration fee to participate in a NEDA Walk. The registration fees are usually $25 for adults, $15 for students, and $10 for children (below the age of 12).
Is there a minimum amount I must fundraise for the NEDA Walk?
No, there is no minimum amount you must raise for the NEDA Walk. You will have a fundraising goal, but it is not a required amount that you must reach. In fact, it’s always good to have a high fundraising goal, even if you know you won’t reach it - it’s better to fall short of high expectations than low expectations!
What is a team?
A team is a grouping of walkers led by a team captain. A team can have as many people on it as you want. There are many different reasons you may want to form a team, but some common examples include family teams, school organization teams, workplace teams, or just a team of friends.
Why should I form a team?
Teams are a great way to participate in a NEDA Walk! After all, why walk alone? It’s much more fun to participate and fundraise for a walk with your family, friends, and/or colleagues! You can make it into a competition, which not only makes it fun, but also usually generates more money raised for the cause! It’s also a great inclusive way to introduce those who may not be as familiar with the cause.
What if I registered as an individual, but want to join a team?
Contact the National Walk Manager who will be able to help you join or form a team.
I registered as an individual, but I want to be on a team. What should I do?
If you registered as an individual, but actually want to create a team or join a pre-existing team, please email the National Walk Manager, who will sort you out. Likewise, if you registered on a team, but want to switch to another team, please email the National Walk Manager who can help you out.

Donation Questions

To whom should donation checks be made out?
Please make all checks payable to “NEDA” or “National Eating Disorders Association.”
Where should I send donations received for my participation in the NEDA Walk?
Please send all donations, attached to a completely filled out offline donation form, to the NEDA national office:


200 W 41st Street, Suite 1203

New York, NY 10036.

Fundraising Questions

How do I begin fundraising for a NEDA Walk?
Consult your NEDA Walk Participant Packet which has plenty of helpful fundraising tips, letters, and ideas.
How else can I support a NEDA Walk?
NEDA Walks are always in need of sponsors, whether it’s a small local business or a large Fortune 500 corporation. If you are in a position to help secure a sponsorship for a NEDA Walk at your business or corporation, please review the NEDA Walks Sponsorship Packet and contact the National Walk Manager. NEDA Walks are also always in need of in-kind donations, such as tables, tents, snacks and water.
What is a matching gift?
Most companies have a matching gift program for their employees. When you, as an employee, makes a donation to a walk or walker, your donation can be matched by your company, sometimes at a ratio as high as 3:1! After making your donation, inquire within your company about what matching gift paperwork needs to be filled out and sent in to us.
Who can I ask for more information about fundraising?
If you have any fundraising questions at all, please contact the National Walk Manager.

Fundraising Rewards

What gifts are available as prizes for my fundraising efforts?
See all of the special thank-you gifts available on the prize flyer or reward prize website! Don’t miss the opportunity to earn exclusive NEDA gear and to join the others who work so hard to support NEDA and the eating disorder community!
How do I get my special NEDA gear if I fundraise?
If you have fundraised at least $250 for the NEDA Walk in which you are registered to attend, you will receive a certificate via email after the walk is no longer accepting donations. The certificate includes instructions on how to log in to the special website and redeem your prize.
Can I earn more than one gift item?
No, you can only redeem one item. However, if you wish, you are welcome to choose an item from a fundraising level below the one you achieved. Your order is not final until you click “submit” on the checkout page and you receive a confirmation number.
Where do I go to redeem my prize?
You can redeem your prize here: Please note that points do not equal dollar amounts, but rather the level of gift available. For example, $250-$499 level = 130 points.
Will I receive a confirmation that my order has been placed?
You will receive a confirmation number via email as soon as your order is placed online. Retain that number in the event you need to check on the progress of your order. If you do not get a confirmation number or confirmation email, your order is not complete. Please contact us for help.
When will my order be sent to me?
Standard shipping time is approximately 10 business days after your online order has been received into our computer system. If the item you ordered is on backorder you will be notified by email with the expected date of shipment.
When will I know if my order has been shipped?
You will receive email confirmation once your order is shipped from our warehouse.
If my order arrives damaged what should I do?
Please contact "fundraiser care" on the reward prize websitewithin five business days of your receipt of the item. We will send you a replacement item. If only part of an item needs to be replaced (example: water bottle lid), we may send only the replacement part. Depending upon the circumstances, we may ask you to ship the item back, in which case a shipping label will accompany the replacement item. Please do not discard the item before contacting us.
What is the return policy for sized apparel items?
Requests for replacements or exchanges will be accepted only if Turnkey is notified within five business days of your receipt of the item. Exchanges are accepted only on sized apparel items and only if the requested size is in stock. If you received the incorrect size, contact us and we’ll get the correct size to you.

If you have received the correct size, but need to exchange it for another size:

  • Please contact us and confirm with us that the desired size is available for exchange.
  • Mark the outside of the package “RETURNS” and put a note inside the package that has your name, address and phone number as well as the desired size.
  • Put a check inside the package for $12.00, written out to Turnkey. This will pay for the return shipping.
  • Then send your item back to:

Exchange Department
3310 Rosedale Avenue
Richmond, VA, 23230

What if I have an issue with my certificate?
If your certificate was issued for the incorrect level, expired, or you did not receive a certificate that you believe you earned, please contact NEDA staff at

Still Have a Question?

If your question still hasn't been answered, please contact the National Walk Manager!