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Fall NEDA Walk

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Walk Venue: Online-join us on Zoom

Walk Date: Sunday, November 7, 2021

Check In Time: 11:00 AM EST

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Ryan Sheldon-Fall Walk Emcee

A motivational speaker and brawn model, Ryan has been educating audiences about body image and binge eating disorder since his own diagnosis in 2015. Passionate about raising awareness of binge eating and body image issues as an Ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association, he has shared his story with the Today Show, Huffington Post, and Teen Vogue, among other outlets. An LGBTQ+ man living in a larger body, Ryan also speaks to teens about masculinity, identity, and body confidence. He is currently working on a book about his and other men's experiences learning to eat mindfully and love themselves just as they are. You can find Ryan on Instagram at @realryansheldon.


Jasmyn Cornell-Fall Walk Speaker

Jasmyn Cornell is a native of Augusta and the product of a military mom and dad. While living in a military household, she saw first-hand the incredible men and women serving our country  and learned the value of service, hard work, and education.

Currently, she serves as a helpline volunteer for the National Eating Disorders Association,  trained body image facilitator, and Miss Fayette County under the Miss America Organization.  In her roles, she has collaborated with several organizations, including The Body Positive and  Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness, to champion eating disorder legislation, challenge beauty standards, and shift the conversation on food, weight, and health.


Kyle Davis-Fall Walk Speaker

Kyle Davis studied English at Fordham University in Manhattan and is currently a senior creative producer for the website BuzzFeed.com. He has been in recovery from anorexia for ten years, and has found great success in therapy and antidepressants. In his spare time, Kyle enjoys traveling, reading humor essays, and meeting new people.


Logan Locke-Fall Walk Speaker

Logan is a two-time graduate of Western Kentucky University, earning both his Bachelors and Masters degree. Logan was a part of the Western Kentucky Cheerleading program for 4 years, where he competed nationally and when on to work in the athletic department for 3 years. Logan is now a year into his eating disorder recovery, and is ready to be a resource for others - especially men who battle eating disorders, to help erase the stigma. Running has been a huge part of Logan’s recovery, and he is even using it as a tool to help his fight for eating disorders awareness. Logan currently works at Spalding, and resides in Bowling Green, KY with his wife, Emily & dog Ruby!


Jonathan Nyquist-Fall Walk Speaker

Jonathan Nyquist (He,Him,His) is a 24 year old who has been in recovery for a little over a year. He is currently going to school at Minneapolis Community and Technical College for photography and has a job at Jets pizza as a delivery driver.
He spends a lot of his time within his community advocating and fighting for various marginalized groups (Black, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, unhoused etc...). 
It has not been an easy journey but even through all that he kept up with his recovery process continuing to meet with providers. He enjoys photography, film making, dance, and exploring new places; all things he couldn't do when trapped by his eating disorder. 



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Goal: $108,000
Amount Raised: $122,164

Participant Center 


  1. Inspired by Elizabeth - $15,735
  2. Chi Delta Dartmouth College - $3,242
  3. Born to be Wiled - $3,055
  4. Team ReallyRadiant - $1,948
  5. Katie and friends - $1,725
  6. EDSN 2021 - $1,630
  7. Love is Stronger - $1,520
  8. Beta Alpha Omega Dartmouth College - $1,501
  9. Aimee's Adventurers - $1,475
  10. Team Glynn - $1,460


  1. Martha Watson - $15,095
  2. Catherine Wile - $3,005
  3. Addie Taylor - $2,615
  4. Karli Johnn - $1,848
  5. Avery Gill - $1,770
  6. Annie McFee - $1,672
  7. Liv Reiter - $1,644
  8. Emilie McCann - $1,590
  9. Kristina Swingle - $1,550
  10. Aloysius McLaughlin - $1,501