NEDA Walks Calendar

New NEDA Walks are being added all the time! If you don't see a walk in your community in the calendar below, be sure to check back soon orĀ find out more about hosting a NEDA Walk in your town.

Spring 2020 Walks

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Orlando, FL - 02/08/20
Jacksonville, FL - 02/22/20
Twin Cities, MN - 02/23/20
Auburn, AL - 02/29/20
Chapel Hill, NC - 03/01/20
Tallahassee, FL - 03/07/20
Tuscaloosa, AL - 03/08/20
Virtual NEDA Walk - 03/28/20
Virtual NEDA Walk - 03/29/20
Virtual NEDA Walk - 04/18/20
Virtual NEDA Walk - 04/19/20
Virtual NEDA Walk - 04/25/20
Virtual NEDA Walk - 04/26/20

Fall 2020 Walks

Introducing: The Warrior Experience

In response to COVID-19 and the increased demand for support and connection, NEDA is proud to introduce The Warrior Experience, taking place on June 28th!

Join NEDA Warriors from across the country in raising critical funds to support NEDA's Helpline and other frontline resources.

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