Grace's Butterfly Garden

Heal with Grace, hosted in partnership with the Grace Holland Cozine Foundation, was founded to honor all lives lost to eating disorders.

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Grace Holland Cozine

Grace Holland was a beautiful person, inside and out. She had an amazing spirit and touched all those she came in contact with. Grace faced her illness with courage and dignity, always being upfront about her eating disorder but not letting it define her. Grace was a fierce advocate for not only her own recovery but also for all of the remarkable young people she encountered during her journey. Grace changed people’s lives while she was with us and continues to inspire through her spirit and memory. Our hearts will never be the same but we will carry her essence with us for all the days of our lives. “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and everything you do, yeah they were all yellow.” - Dan, Patty, Biz, and Sophie

Nancy Anne Cagle WHCNP, RN

In loving memory of our sister, Nancy Anne Cagle (3/31/66 to 5/20/11). Nancy worked as a Nurse Practitioner treating and healing those in need. She excelled in academics, had a comforting bedside manner and a compassionate soothing voice. She blessed the world with her free spirit, fun-loving sense of adventure, a creative poetic verse always at the tip of her pen, and she lived her life truly in each moment. She had a beautiful loving spirit and is missed daily by her friends and family. - The Bingold Family

Kathryn Mullen Hazelwood

Your beautiful friendship brought me so much joy, love and comfort. I feel your presence often and know you would be proud of the work I am doing to help others. I love you and miss you everyday! - Paige VanCleave

Elizabeth Grace Watson

In memory of our daughter, Elizabeth Grace Watson, who courageously battled Anorexia Nervosa for 10 years before succumbing in 2016 at age 21. Elizabeth was extremely talented academically (Cranbrook Kingswood High School graduate and Wellesley College student) and a gifted soprano. She always knew what to say to make someone feel better, and motivated many fellow eating disorder patients in their recovery journeys. Elizabeth’s life and death continue to inspire many providers who treated her across the country. Her sparkling blue eyes, radiant smile, keen wit, abundant kindness and sense of empathy are greatly missed. - Glenn and Martha Watson

Maria Dorn

Maria - December 3rd marks 5 years since you left us, and we miss you. We miss your smile, your laugh, your wit, and the beautiful music you’d play. We miss your creativity making jewelry and your whimsical charm. We miss the little girl innocence that ED stole from you so many years before. But despite your leaving, we still hold you close to our hearts every day. - Alita, Michael and Anneka Dorn

Kira Bloom

My daughter, Kira, was just 25 years old when she succumbed to her Eating Disorder. She had struggled with Bulimia for over 7 years. Kira was a smart, funny, beautiful, and caring and compassionate person. We adopted her from South Korea and she arrived to my arms on November 14, 1984. Kira is loved and missed by her younger brother, father and myself, every day since May 21, 2009. - The Bloom Family

Rebecca Grabowski

Becca truly was a bright star who shone everywhere she made her presence. She loved everyone, especially her sister Steffi. I know she is doing yoga up in heaven surrounded by her favorite sunflowers. - Ron Grabowski

Samantha Marie Erdt

Samantha was a light in this world that shone brightly. She loved fiercely and openly, and saw the best in everyone she encountered. She had a contagious smile and passion beyond measure. She never let her eating disorder define herself, nor let it dim her light. It's now been ten years, and we continue to miss her every day. - Little sisters, Emily and Gabriella

Melissa Pfeister

Melissa touched the lives of all who knew her. She was a bright light in my life, my best friend, and my Babygirl. I'm blessed to be her mom. She fought so hard for so long. Rest in Peace my Melissa. - Danielle Pfeister

Kristen Lori Eisennagel

Kris, we miss you deeply and immensely. Not a day goes by that you are forgotten or that we do not look for you or talk to you. You are in our hearts forever and know you are watching over us and helping those who need support through this disease. Keep dancing and keep giving us those pink skies! - The family of Kristen Lori Eisennagel