About the Grace Holland Cozine Foundation

In loving memory of Grace Holland Cozine

The Grace Holland Cozine Foundation has been established to honor the life and memory of Grace Cozine. Grace was an amazing young woman who struggled with an eating disorder from the age of 12. Throughout her journey, she was committed to bringing the light of truth of this misunderstood disease to her vulnerable peers and public. This foundation created in her name is a response to her vision.

Founded by the Cozine Family, The GHC Foundation is working with existing organizations and charities including the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) to establish and support programs that foster strength and well-being for young people at risk. Through these partnerships we support and coordinate grants to charities and initiatives connected to eating disorders' education, advocacy, and mental health.

As part of this initiative, the GHC Foundation has proudly worked with NEDA to have more than 20 educators from Rye Neck and Great Neck NY trained through The Body Project, a program designed to educate young women and girls in confrontIng unrealistic beauty ideals and In the development of healthy body image.

To honor Grace and all lives lost to eating disorders, sign up for Heal with Grace here.

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