Welcome to our 2024 Season

Connected by Healing. Moving Forward, Together.

Since 1987, NEDA has worked to advance research, community building, and awareness. NEDA Walks unite us in that work. Join us so we can do more for the 28.8 million Americans who will be affected by eating disorders in their lifetimes.

2024 Walk Events

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Don’t see your city? These locales want to host a walk- can you join them? If you want to do your own walk, try our DIY Fundraising.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Moving Forward Together.

1. Register

We’re in cities and towns across the country! Registrations are free. Get a t-shirt with your registration for $25. Every NEDA Walk will have:

– Fun activities for people of all ages
– A speaking program to engage and educate
– Local partners who care about mental health and eating disorders
– A short walk to show solidarity and raise awareness
– Music (and sometimes performances!) to inspire
– Opportunities for you to get more involved and raise awareness

2. Invite and Fundraise

NEDA Walks are best enjoyed with a friend or a whole team! Invite people to join you.
Fundraising in honor of your recovery journey or to honor someone else’s is a powerful way to show support. It willl also power NEDA’s work to advance treatments, advocacy and awareness.

Receive incentive gear as a thank you for reaching fundraising miliestones and wear it with pride to raise awareness about eating disorders.

3. Stay Connnected

Chat with us via email or on our favorite social platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

Top Teams Leaderboard

The A Team raised $12,700.82Goal Amount: 12000.00
Emily Hersh's Team! raised $11,021.08Goal Amount: 7500.00
Surviving and Thriving raised $5,010.82Goal Amount: 500.00
Inspired by Elizabeth raised $2,970.12Goal Amount: 7500.00
In Memory of Christy Noble raised $2,949.54Goal Amount: 5000.00

Top Individuals Leaderboard

Emily Hersh raised $9,529.59Goal Amount: 7500.00
Allison Bozyk raised $8,207.45Goal Amount: 3000.00
Hannah Young raised $5,000.00Goal Amount: 500.00
Ava Schenker raised $3,967.39Goal Amount: 4000.00
Martha Watson raised $2,864.66Goal Amount: 7500.00

We rely on the invaluable support of volunteers to coordinate successful NEDA Walks, and we are currently seeking walk ambassadors for the following cities to help us make a meaningful impact:

Denver, CO

Kansas City, MO

Richmond, VA

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Why We Walk

NEDA Walks serve as important social support opportunities for people in recovery and their families and raise awareness. They also support NEDA’s other programs which provide information and support, help people feel less alone, and develop more effective and equitable treatments for all eating disorders.
Feeding Hope Fund for Clinical Research
GFED Early Investigator Award

These two grant programs support projects that will improve the lives of individuals affected by eating disorders. Since 2013, NEDA has awarded over $2 million to 20 researchers.

Online Eating Disorder Screening

Our screening tool assesses warning signs of an eating disorder and is often the entry way into the path of healing.

NEDA Toolkits

Tool kits provide accessible information and resources to educators, coaches, parents, and others on a variety of issues surrounding eating disorders.

Grace Holland Cozine Resource Center

Funded by the Grace Holland Cozine Foundation, in memory of their daughter, Grace, this resource center is the most robust information hub for the eating disorder community.

Campus Warriors

Campus Warriors are individual students, faculty members, and student organizations representing NEDA on their college and university campuses. Campus Warriors aim to educate their school community about eating disorders by participating in awareness events on campus and fundraising for NEDA’s programs and services.

The Body Project

The Body Project is a dissonance-based, body acceptance program for high school girls that is backed by two decades of research and shown to effectively reduce body dissatisfaction and have a positive impact on eating disorders. This program is used to train individuals to run the curriculum for high school aged girls.